Tailor-made translation and interpreting solutions

Some companies choose to outsource certain linguistic tasks, seeking specialist solutions. At Transrelation we are experts in providing tailor-made solutions to the language challenges that your company may face.

This type of collaboration can take on many forms, from solving specific tasks to outsourcing an entire department. The following are some examples:

Co-ordination and organisation of sales calls, business visits or periods of study in Spain and Denmark

Documentation on a particular subject in a Spanish-speaking country: existing legislation, press coverage

Market research

Management of a company's Spanish-speaking contacts or taking on the responsibilities of its international department.

From English, German and/or Danish into Spanish

All these different tasks have a common denominator: they require a linguistic expertise that the company does not possess, which is why it chooses to establish a working relationship with an external supplier.

Below, we describe four specific cases in which we have provided tailor-made solutions in four different fields, demonstrating just how versatile our services are:

The specific tasks performed by Transrelation are:

Transrelation works with Soonr on a permanent basis, translating the new products and services into Spanish. Since the need for translations on the platform is constant, our collaboration involves online access to the translation system, which includes all the texts awaiting translation and updating. As a result, very few resources need to be devoted to file management and other tasks. Since this is an ongoing collaboration, we are in constant contact with Soonr's development team, and we keep abreast of new products via email, online sessions and face-to-face meetings in their office in Denmark. This working relationship is defined by a high degree of mutual trust and consummate professionalism.

Lo que dice Autotask:

“From our perspective, the working relationship with Transrelation functions to perfection. We have a flexible arrangement, whereby we turn to Transrelation whenever we develop new functions that need to be translated into Spanish. We cannot recommend Transrelation's professionalism highly enough”

Lars Gunnersen

General Manager File Sync and Share Engineering, Autotask

The specific tasks performed by Transrelation are:

Interpreting at trade fairs in the sector and at negotiations

Translation of documentation required for international business: collaboration agreements, product information, sales labels

Managing communication with the company's international network of suppliers (Surpan’s internal mail)

Surpan's comments:

"Our working relationship with Transrelation has given us a more global view of the market, thanks to their management of tasks relating to the international market, such as negotiation with suppliers and logistic co-ordination and organisation – services that require linguistic and cultural expertise. We would highlight the personal attention, professionalism, responsibility and commitment shown by Transrelation. We would also like to mention the professionalism of the interpreting services provided by Cristina Riera at trade fairs and negotiations conducted in Germany, Spain, France and Denmark, which have taken the concept of "added value" to new levels. I am very grateful for the work that Transrelation has done, and I would stress that without this collaborative relationship SURPAN would not have grown over the last few years or gained the renown it now enjoys."

Jorge Páez

Executive director of Surpan

Transrelation was responsible for editing the book. The first phase of this process involved reading and documenting the interviews conducted with Karen Blixen, in order to select those that best reflected the unconventional character of the author. Subsequently, Transrelation translated these interviews from Danish into Spanish, and they can now be found in the book entitled Conversaciones con Karen Blixen (Conversations with Karen Blixen) See press release.

In the course of this process, Transrelation forged a close collaborative relationship with Confluencias to ensure that the aims of the publishing house in the publication of the book were successfully achieved.

Confluencias' comments:

"Cristina Riera is a true professional. If I were to say that working with her is a delight, I would be lying, because it isn't work, it's pleasure, and pleasure always yields positive results. On time. Allways on time, wherever she may be: in Barcelona, Copenhagen or Singapore."

Our assignment began with trying to find a distributor for POMI in Spain, and in the end it focused on co-ordination work to establish contact with clients in the sector who might be interested in POMI's agricultural machinery for a trade event in Denmark. Prior to the visit, Transrelation translated the documentation about the machinery into Spanish. Then we provided our interpreting services during the visit to Denmark, which had both a technical and a commercial focus. Subsequently, we conducted follow-up work to assess the results and establish key contacts in the Spanish market.

POMI's comments:

"Cristina received our clients exquisitely, bringing a breath of fresh air to the work in hand. This helped enormously in the conversations with the client, in which as the interpreter she played a vital role in ensuring that communication was free-flowing. The next time I need linguistic assistance in Spanish, I will be contacting Transrelation once again."

Poul Mikkelsen

Director of POMI Industri