The aim of localisation is that

"a text may be viewed as if it had originally been created in the target region or locale" (Localisation Industry Standards Association, LISA)

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Today, no one is in any doubt that websites are a vital communication tool for businesses. Furthermore, if these businesses wish to expand beyond their borders, it is essential that they should have a website in several languages that conveys their message in the target cultures. In other words, the website should be localised.


The concept of "localisation" refers to the idea that a website text may be viewed as if it had originally been created in the target region. To achieve this, it is vital to have an in-depth knowledge of the structure, characteristics and style of websites produced in the target language, as well as a great sensitivity to the culture of the target region.

Our research into corporate websites of Danish companies in Spanish has shown that most of these websites do not comply with the conventions of the genre, and so they cannot be described as localised.

At Transrelation we specialise in website localisation into Spanish and we have translated a large number of websites for small and medium-sized companies in a variety of sectors.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the corporate website genre in Spanish, supported by our experience in translation and our research work, we can offer our clients the very highest quality in corporate website localisation.

English to Spanish website translation

Localisation of Danish corporate websites into Spanish under study

Our practical experience and interest in this type of translation led us to undertake research into the quality of Danish website localisation into Spanish. This research focused on identifying the structure and the characteristic linguistic features (genre conventions) of websites in Spanish and the degree to which Danish corporate websites have been adapted to these features.

Our research has shown that most of the corporate websites studied do not comply with the conventions of the genre, so they have clearly not gone through a process of localisation.

You can read a summary of the thesis HERE (in Spanish).

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Summary of Quality in website localisation: Empirical analysis of the localisation of Danish corporate websites into Spanish, Cristina Riera, August 2016, Aarhus University
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