Advanced Spanish courses

Spanish courses for English, German and/or Danish speakers

At Transrelation we offer specialist Spanish courses for language professionals and companies. The courses are taught in Denmark by Cristina Riera, who has more than ten years' experience in higher education, where she has taught Spanish for translators and interpreters and for marketing and communication professionals ( see profile here).

We are specialists in advanced Spanish courses for high-level learners or non-native professionals who need Spanish for their work.

Each course is tailor-made to the needs of attendees, who will take a comprehensive test to assess their language level.


A course aimed at translators from Danish whose mother tongue is not Spanish, but who translate into this language and wish to perfect their specialist knowledge of it. The course will focus on the latest rules relating to typographic syntax, perfecting writing and style in Spanish, and a review of genre conventions, with emphasis on the linguistic characteristics of these conventions.


A course aimed at non-native professionals who write business or marketing texts in Spanish and who wish to perfect their written skills in this language. The course includes a review of the rules relating to typographic syntax, the tools available for writing these types of texts correctly, and a look at their characteristic features with editing in mind.


A course aimed at professionals with a good command of Spanish seeking to perfect their knowledge of the language for the purpose of business presentations, negotiations and meetings. This course also presents cultural elements of relevance when negotiating with Spanish-speaking countries and, in particular, Spain.


The aim of the course is to perfect participants' Spanish in a specific field, increasing their command of the relevant terminology and familiarising them with the rules to be observed when writing texts in these specialist fields.

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