Opinions of our clients

Here are a few examples of what some of our clients have to say about us:

"Cristina Riera is a true professional. If I were to say that working with her is a delight, I would be lying, because it isn't work, it's pleasure, and pleasure always yields positive results. She is always on time, wherever she may be: in Barcelona, Copenhagen or Singapore"

Javier Fornieles Ten

Director of the publishing house Confluencias

“We contacted Cristina Riera early in 2016, because we urgently needed an interpreter in Aarhus (Denmark) for a documentary being made for the TV3 programme "30 minuts". As an interpreter, Cristina was the epitome of professionalism. We were most impressed by her wholehearted involvement and personal commitment to making the interviews and the documentary a great success”

Carles Fernandez

Producer of "30 minuts", TV3, Televisió de Catalunya

"Destacamos el trato personalizado, la profesionalidad, la responsabilidad y dedicación que hemos encontrado en Transrelation. Sin esta colaboración a medida, la compañía SURPAN en la actualidad no hubiese tenido el crecimiento y conocimiento que ha logrado obtener en estos últimos años."

Jorge Páez

Executive director of Surpan

“From our perspective, the working relationship with Transrelation functions to perfection. We have a flexible arrangement, whereby we turn to Transrelation whenever we develop new functions that need to be translated into Spanish. We cannot recommend Transrelation's professionalism highly enough”

Lars Gunnersen

General Manager File Sync and Share Engineering, Autotask

"Cristina Riera Canalias is the translator we always contact for our translations from and into Spanish. We choose her because her work is of the highest quality. Cristina is meticulous and she always delivers on time. We rely on her for translations of marketing material and texts that require a knowledge of specialist terminology, and we also hire her interpreting services whenever we receive visits from Spanish-speaking representatives"

Isabella Jespersen

Technical Writer, Widex A/S

"Cristina has collaborated with us for many years now, translating technical, financial, legal and business texts from Danish and English into Spanish. She delivers perfectly worded, flawless translations, and our working relationship is extremely cordial. We would recommend her services to all those who need a competent and professional linguist whose mother tongue is Spanish"

Tina Ahrenfeldt

Owner of SPROGNET Translations

"It is hard to imagine a more reliable translator and conference interpreter than Cristina: faithful to the original words, be they written or spoken, she always has the reader or listener uppermost in her mind. Cristina places the highest value on communication. What's more, she has a keen eye for terminology, which must be correct and appropriate to the context. She is determined that specialist terminology should not obstruct the flow of a text"

Amparo Giese

Owner of Avanti Gruppen

"COMMAS has collaborated with Cristina Riera Canalias since 2011, contracting her services for translations from Danish or English into Spanish, her mother tongue. She has mainly worked with technical and marketing texts, and the translations she has delivered have always been on time and of the highest quality. Therefore, I cannot recommend Cristina more highly"

Lisbeth Overgaard Lisberg

Owner of the translation agency COMMAS

"I have worked together with Cristina Riera Canalias on the translation and proofreading of scientific articles in the field of didactic linguistics. Her profound knowledge of this field and text genre can be seen in the extremely accurate specialist terminology she employs and in her seamless adaptation of texts to the Spanish conventions of scientific literature. I particularly appreciate Cristina's professionalism and her linguistic creativity"

Lone Ambjørn

Linguistic advisor, formerly an assistant professor at Aarhus University (BSS).

"I have worked with Cristina for 10 years now. She is highly competent, accommodating and reliable. She always attends to you with a smile and she does everything in her power to meet the required deadlines, which are often very tight. I wholeheartedly recommend Cristina, both as a translator and as an interpreter"


Traductora jurada del inglés

"Cristina has taken on many assignments for us, translating instruction manuals, catalogues, brochures, information about patients, lists of ingredients and other texts from Danish into Spanish. Both I and my clients have always been extremely satisfied with her work. Cristina provides translations of the highest quality and she always meets the agreed deadlines, a factor of key importance for both my company and my clients"

Mette Faber

Owner of More than Words

"Our clients were delighted by Cristina's interpreting skills during visits to logistics centres in Denmark and Sweden, and we would very much like to continue working with her"

Mónica Rebollo

Events Department, MTGlobal

“En una situación de compra de maquinaria en España, había conseguido localizar un posible objeto de compra, pero el problema estaba en que el propietario solo hablaba español. Me puse en contacto con transrelation.dk, que me ayudó tanto en la conversación como en la traducción de documentos. Cristina entendía el objetivo de esta conversación y solventó la tarea a la perfección y a un precio competitivo. Puedo dar mis mejores recomendaciones a Transrelation, que es tanto flexible como rápida.”

Jan Eggert

Product Manager, JMM

"Cristina received our clients exquisitely, bringing a breath of fresh air to the work in hand. This helped enormously in the conversations with the client, in which as the interpreter she played a vital role in ensuring that communication was free-flowing. The next time I need linguistic assistance in Spanish, I will be contacting Transrelation once again"

Poul Mikkelsen

Director of POMI Industri

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