Correction, editing and proofreading of Spanish texts

Service for correcting, editing and proofreading Spanish texts

The linguistic quality of your corporate material inevitably has an effect on the image of your company.

A poorly written text can ruin your corporate image. Even when a website is beautifully presented and visually striking, if it is riddled with spelling and punctuation errors, potential clients will question your professionalism and the quality of the services or products you offer; an advertising brochure or catalogue of services full of mistakes will not inspire trust in your brand, leading readers to lose confidence in your company.

Transrelation can help ensure your Spanish texts are polished, correctly written and free of linguistic errors, in a style appropriate to their purpose, so that a first-rate professional image of your business is presented.


This consists in removing all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, and correcting abbreviations, fonts, spacing, etc.


The text is checked for semantic errors, ambiguities, unnecessary repetitions, foreign words..., perfecting the structure, the way the text reads and flows, while respecting the author's style at all times.


This consists in comparing the translation with the original text and in improving the final product. Attention is paid to the suitability and consistency of the terminology used and to the content of the translation, while the text is also checked for its syntax and style, ensuring that it flows, sounds natural and is appropriate to the particular genre.

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